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Dental Services

Diagnostic Services

Comprehensive Oral Examination

This is usually the first service provided to you at Method Dental - unless of course, you have an urgent issue which needs to be addressed first.

A Comprehensive Oral Examination includes:
  • Oral Cancer Screening
  • Gum disease Assessment
  • Tooth wear/cracking Assessment
  • Tooth Decay Assessment
  • Orthodontic Assessment
  • Cosmetic Assessment
  • Jaw Joint (TMJ) Assessment
  • Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Assessment

At the end of your Comprehensive Oral Examination you will be given a summary of your overall oral health, what issues you are facing, your risk of developing further problems and easy to follow instructions on how to prevent future dental problems.


We use digital x-rays at our practice, so the dosage of radiation is extremely low. Bitewing x-rays are used to assess in between your teeth where dentists cannot see. These type of x-rays use a very low dose of radiation and are taken at regular intervals to ensure that no problems are developing between your teeth.

OPG x-rays are used to assess your jaw joint, your top and bottom jaw bones, all of your teeth including wisdom teeth and to get a general assessment of your oral health. OPGs require a larger dose of radiation which is equivalent the amount of radiation you are exposed to during an overseas flight of a few hours.

OPG x-rays are taken far less often than Bitewing x-rays but depending on your oral health, they may need to be taken more regularly, for example, if you suffer from severe gum disease or you are receiving dental implant therapy.

If you’ve had x-rays recently at another practice, rest assured that we will always endeavour to retrieve copies of those x-rays, rather than taking new ones and exposing you to more radiation. Each case is different though, so please talk to us about the need for x-rays in your particular situation.


Saliva Testing

If you are suffering from tooth decay, yet you have a very healthy diet and are able to clean your teeth thoroughly, you may require saliva testing.

Saliva protects your teeth from tooth decay and if there is less saliva in your mouth than there should be, or your saliva’s protective properties are lacking, you may continue to develop tooth decay no matter how well you look after your teeth.

Some people also experience dry mouth, sometimes naturally, sometimes due to medications.It is in these cases that saliva testing can be useful as we can then work with you to improve either the amount or quality of your saliva to ensure you suffer less tooth decay or dry mouth symptoms.

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