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When a tooth becomes damaged, usually from tooth decay, it may require a “filling” to restore it to the correct shape and strength. Fillings, however, are not as strong as your tooth structure so we work hard to prevent the need for fillings in the first place.

Take the example of termites. Having your house inspected for termites regularly if it is at risk of attracting termites is prudent. If any evidence of the termites is found, the problem is dealt with as quickly as possible.

Different products and materials may be used to help to protect your house to prevent termites from causing damage once again.

Sometimes, the termites have already caused considerable damage - like when your foot falls through the floorboards. In the case that the damage has already happened, then restoration is required.

This is the approach we take - regular examinations to look for early signs of damage, preventative treatments and advice to stop the damage from getting worse and restoration if required once the damage has proceeded to a certain level.

We use Japanese-made materials to restore or “fill” your teeth. We use white filling materials and we often use what is called a “rubber dam” or “dental dam” which provides a dry working field. We believe this may increase the longevity of your fillings.

In some cases, fillings may not be strong enough for your tooth. Please read about Crowns and Onlays to find out more.

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